Aesthetic Braces Are the Result of Advanced Technology

Aesthetic BracesAs a member of the San Joaquin Dental Society, I know that aesthetic braces can help young adults who often feel very self-conscious about their appearance. While traditional metal braces work to correct crowded teeth or fix misaligned teeth, many patients of various ages worry about how the braces will affect their social status. After all, braces tend to conjure up images of the classic mouth full of metal, which is not a look that many patients want to have.

Discreet and efficient teeth-straightening

In the past, patients had to choose between one of two choices. Patients could live with misaligned teeth or could have metal braces put into the mouth to straighten teeth. All orthodontic appliances were made from metal and were silver in color. In fact, the orthodontist would place silver bands around each tooth in addition to much of the bracket, and a large wire. This is no longer the case. Aesthetic braces use technology to progress and limit the use of bands around each tooth, create smaller brackets and use thinner wires. Today, we are at the point where aesthetic braces are almost invisible.

Using a combination of methodologies, aesthetic braces are made from transparent ceramic or composite material. As clear braces gained a great deal of popularity with patients, aesthetic braces have become the main form of treatment for young adults and teenagers. To make sure that the aesthetic braces are as effective as they are transparent, we are still using metal wires. However, the metal wires are now being coated with a plastic resin that makes them the same color as your teeth.

A multi-purpose method

It is important to note that aesthetic braces serve a two-fold purpose. The first, and primary purpose, is to make sure that we straighten the defects in the patient's teeth so that the patient ends the treatment with a lovely smile. However, the secondary goal is also equally as important. The secondary goal of aesthetic braces is to make sure that the patient can go through the entire treatment process without having the embarrassment of wearing braces and wearing obvious brackets

As such, we can match the color of the aesthetic wires to the color of the patient's teeth. The aesthetic archwire is typically produced using a standard array of colors from a palette that is deemed to be normal in the field of aesthetic dentistry. To find out more about your options, and to see if aesthetic braces are right for you, visit our clinic for a consultation with a certified member of the San Joaquin Dental Society.

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