Clear Braces in Stockton: A Perfect Solution for Brides

Clear BracesBeing nearly invisible to others, clear braces in Stockton gives one a distinct advantage, in that they look exactly like traditional braces but are not obvious when one smiles.  We understand that image matters, especially as a bride. Future brides-to-be may harbor fears of taking pictures on their big day and having crooked teeth for the years to come. At the same time, many brides are afraid of getting traditional braces installed because they do not want to have to deal with the stigma of having a mouth full of metal during wedding prep or on the big day.

The Clear Alternative to Metal Braces

With clear braces in Stockton, we can help straighten your teeth to give you healthy teeth and the confidence boost you desire, without having to deal with a mouth full of metal. It would not be a stretch to say that clear braces have revolutionized straightening of the teeth.

While the confidence in one's smile can be a motivating factor for brides seeking braces before a wedding, crooked can also be a health risk. The malocclusion, crooked teeth, causes health problems because they do not allow one to properly chew food, proper teeth cleaning can become difficult, and crooked teeth are often prone to infections. When one decides to invest in braces, he or she will have a distinct idea of what the end result needs to be.

Upon the decision to straighten your teeth, you owe it to yourself to look at clear braces as a viable option. Clear braces work exactly the same as traditional braces, only without the wires and metal framework that are so often associated with getting straighter teeth.

Straighten Your Teeth and Be Discreet

A common myth is that clear braces, simply by virtue of being clear, do not produce the same level of results as traditional braces. Clear braces in Stockton, like traditional braces, work on a very simple principle. Clear braces are designed to exert a certain amount of pressure on your teeth, forcing them to move into the alignment you desire. People may find the same principle with the use of traditional braces. The only fundamental difference between traditional braces and clear braces is that clear braces are an advancement on an old technology.

Because of the advent of clear braces, the bride can straighten teeth before getting married. These braces can be worn while you are planning for your big day, having your engagement party, taking engagement photos, having your rehearsal and parties. Thus, brides will not have to worry about their braces being as noticeable in pictures of their big day. Once concern that many have is the possibility that the treatment will not be over before the big day.

If you are wearing clear braces, this issue is not as much of a concern because your braces will not be noticeable. What will be noticeable is the improvement to your facial structure and appearance as your teeth move closer and closer to their final position.

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