Look for Signs Your Child Needs an Early Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on: September 28, 2017

Early Orthodontic treatmentHave you ever wondered what an early orthodontic treatment could do for your child? If so, we recommend visiting our office to have an examination completed and solutions discussed. Our goal is to help young patients to have good oral health and an improved appearance. We do so through the use of orthodontics but that does not always mean the use of braces. There is far more to orthodontics than braces and some of these treatments can begin early.

Look for the signs

#1. Teeth growing on top of each other

One of the signs that a child would benefit from an early orthodontic treatment is that they have teeth growing in sideways or on top of each other. This can happen when a child does not have a large enough palate to support all of their permanent teeth. It is also common to have this problem when a child loses their baby teeth too early due to an accident, infection or disease.

#2. Jaw pain

If a child is complaining that they have jaw pain and it is persistent, it is wise to call our orthodontics office and schedule an appointment. We can examine them and determine if the source of their discomfort can be addressed through orthodontic intervention. Keep in mind that while most people think of an orthodontist as someone who treats teeth, we also treat issues pertaining to the jaw.

#3. Dentist referral

One of the most common reasons that children visit our office for an early orthodontic treatment is that they have been referred by their family dentist. A family dentist is typically the first one to notice that a child has an issue that could be solved through orthodontics. Since they examine children once or twice a year, they see firsthand how their teeth are growing and developing.

If they make a recommendation for treatment, it is wise to take their advice and schedule an appointment. We will work in tandem with the dentist so that a patient’s entire oral health is treated through this and all of their orthodontic care.

Information is power

It is important for parents to be informed about all of the treatment options available to help their child as they grow. Orthodontics is one of those available options that can make a difference in how a child looks and also their oral health. Many people do not consider the full impact that orthodontics can have in improving health.

For example, if teeth are crooked, then the teeth will be more likely to trap food, plaque, and tartar between them. This makes it more likely that someone with crooked teeth will develop tooth decay as a youngster and an adult. Straightening teeth work to prevent this and reduce the likelihood of someone struggling with infections.

Schedule an appointment

To learn more about how we can help your child, call our office today. We will conduct an examination and let you know if an early orthodontic treatment would be beneficial for your child. If it is, we will go over treatment options, timing, etc. so that you can make a decision regarding how to proceed.

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