Summer is the Best Time for Kids to Get Corrective Braces

Posted on: May 15, 2018

BracesThere are several reasons to get corrective braces this summer. At the top of the list is the fact that summer tends to be more relaxed when it comes to schedules. We find that summer is the most opportune time to begin the braces treatment for kids in elementary, middle school, high school or even college.

During the school year, a child’s schedule can be jam-packed, with school all day and then sports, extracurricular activities, work or lessons in the evening. This leaves no time to place braces without needing to take time off of school, which is not always a possibility. Fortunately, summer comes like clockwork and when it does, many patients take the opportunity to begin an orthodontic treatment.

It can take time to get braces

The length of the process will depend on the type of braces. For example, older teens and adults often use clear aligners to straighten teeth. That process is less time-consuming and relatively easy since a dental lab customizes the aligners using measurements and digital images of the teeth.

For anyone getting traditional metal braces or clear ceramic braces, there are more steps in placing them. First, we need to prepare the teeth. Then, we need to secure a bracket to dental cement on each individual tooth. This is an incredibly detailed and precise process that requires proper care.

Braces require precision in placement

The dental cement will need to harden once the brackets are placed. Then, the wire is threaded between the upper brackets and the lower brackets. To ensure that it remains in place, a rubber band needs to secure around each individual bracket. This is a process involving multiple steps and it takes time to place braces because of that.

It is common for patients to spend an hour and a half to two hours for this procedure. This is why it is typically more conducive to schedule placing braces during the summer months. Fortunately, follow-up appointments are fast and nowhere near as long.

Teeth will be sore afterwards

Another reason summer is an excellent time to get corrective braces is that there is no need to take time off of school to deal with sore teeth. It is perfectly natural for teeth to be sore for several days after placing the braces. The teeth need to adjust to the braces and the wires that hold the teeth in a certain position, which can also create soreness.

Even though this is perfectly natural, the pain can cause frustration for people who do not want to miss any school or feel uncomfortable while in class. Placing braces during the summer eliminates this risk.

It takes time to get accustomed to wearing them

There is going to be a natural transition process for anyone who has braces placed on the teeth. At first, it can be shocking. Having the braces placed in the summer allows for that transition and adjustment process to take place in the comfort of one’s own home, rather than publicly.

Braces are an excellent idea

Wearing braces can do minor things like close gaps between teeth or major things like aligning the bite. This makes it an excellent idea for anyone who wants to improve their smile, regardless of what time of year it is. Even though we recommend patients schedule an appointment during the summer, we will be happy to provide assistance regardless of what time of year it is.

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