Visiting an Invisalign® Dentist vs. an Orthodontist

Posted on: April 17, 2017

InvisalignIt is possible to straighten teeth with the help of an Invisalign® dentist and an orthodontist. Clear aligners are an excellent way to straighten teeth because they are incredibly discreet. They surround the teeth like a clear retainer would but by working on a set treatment plan they can move teeth from a crooked position to perfectly straight. In so doing, they can also correct some minor bite abnormalities.

This is a popular treatment option for several reasons, including:

  • The aligners are removable, making it possible to control the treatment plan and participate in special events, free from orthodontics
  • They come out to eat so there are no set food restrictions.
  • Brushing and flossing are as easy as ever since the aligners are removed to do so
  • Clear aligners are virtually invisible

The difference between an Invisalign® dentist and orthodontist

As a patient, it is important to consider who the best medical provider is for a particular situation. Dentists and orthodontists start out at the same place. Both attend dental school and receive significant training on how to care for teeth and the gums. This involves preventative care, restorations and cosmetic procedures. However, once dental school is over, an orthodontist goes on to continue receiving additional medical training in order to specialize in the field of orthodontics.

This dental specialty requires clinical training similar to what you would expect a surgeon to undergo after getting out of traditional medical school. As such, an orthodontist has additional skills and training when it comes to issues like moving teeth and aligning the jaw. This training and experience is an invaluable component of providing high-quality patient care.

An important difference

Since a dentist has not undergone orthodontic training, some can provide Invisalign® after receiving product training from the manufacturer. However, this training cannot come close to what has been undergone by an orthodontist.

Training makes a difference because an orthodontist is better able to:

  • Identify potential issues before they arise
  • Offer more treatment options, comparing the pros and cons of both
  • Assist patients in making complicated treatment decisions
  • Plan ahead for how a treatment plan will impact both the teeth and jaw
  • Identify the best time to start treatment

As an orthodontist office, we have the tools necessary to help patients straighten their teeth and align the jaw. If clear aligners are the best way to do so, we will make this recommendation and go over treatment options. However, if aligners will be insufficient for addressing malocclusion or a jaw misalignment, we can recommend plan B instead. Going over all treatment options, we answer patient questions to ensure that the decision for how to proceed is one of mutual agreement.

Visit our orthodontist office

You have more options for how to straighten teeth if you visit our orthodontist office, rather than an Invisalign® dentist. If you choose Invisalign®, we can provide you with that option but as a member of the CA Dental Association and trained orthodontist, we have additional tools for your consideration that may be of greater benefit.

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