Braces For Kids in Stockton: Treatment Options

Braces For Kids in StocktonAs a provider of braces for kids in Stockton, many of our patients want to know what creates the need for braces in the first place. Parents, in particular, like to gather information so they can try to help avoid these common risk factors for their own children. Each patient is different but some of the common causes for braces are crooked teeth caused by:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Genetics
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Accidental early tooth loss
  • Jaw problems


One of the best ways to prevent the need for braces for kids in Stockton is to keep teeth healthy and in good condition. Brushing and flossing teeth daily, visiting the dentist twice a year and eating a healthy diet can all reduce the likelihood of a child suffering from tooth decay. Since decayed and infected teeth are naturally weaker, they are more likely to become damaged or fall out. When this happens, a child is likely to suffer from overcrowding issues that can create the need for braces. Therefore, keeping teeth healthy reduces the likelihood that a child will need them.

Also, avoiding thumb sucking can reduce the likelihood of a child needing braces. Other issues like genetics and jaw problems cannot always be avoided.

Options for straightening teeth with braces

Fortunately, there are many options available for patients who are looking to straighten their teeth in Stockton.

Young children may benefit from an early orthodontic treatment. This is done before braces are placed and is generally necessary for creating more room in the mouth. When a child is suffering from overcrowding, spacers can help to create more room. Sometimes an expander can be used as well. With additional space created in the mouth, new teeth growing in may come in straight rather than sideways or on top of one another.

With children, we typically recommend teeth being straightened using metal braces. This traditional method is still highly effective and a good solution for younger patients because they are incredibly durable. The brackets and wires are smaller than they used to be so even though they are made of metal, they do not stand out nearly as much.

Adults and older teens have more options

Ceramic braces and clear aligners can often be used to straighten teeth for these older patients since they are responsible enough to care for their teeth and the braces themselves during the treatment.

Which solution we recommend is going to be based on the individual needs of the patient and where their teeth are positioned at the beginning of the treatment. As long as the child follows directions and keeps their braces safe and intact, the treatment should go forward without complications. Most children will be done wearing braces within two years. If there are major problems with their bite or how their jaw is aligned, it could take longer. We can provide a more specific estimation after examining a child.

Schedule a consultation

Learn more about braces for kids in Stockton and the options for straightening teeth by calling our office and scheduling a consultation. We are available to provide assistance, information and to help children have straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

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