Resolve to Visit an Orthodontist in Stockton in 2018

Posted on: December 16, 2017

OrthodontistIt is New Year’s resolution time and as an orthodontist in Stockton, we encourage patients to make a resolution to improve your oral health. Typically, when people think of oral health they consider things like having healthy gums and eliminating dental decay. These are critical steps that must be taken, but from an orthodontic perspective, other things must take place as well. For example, straightening teeth and aligning the jaw. These two things can have significant benefits when it comes to improving a person’s oral health.

Why orthodontics matter

When someone has crooked teeth, there are more places for plaque and food to become trapped. Every time a person eats, as food becomes trapped between the teeth, there becomes a greater likelihood of them forming dental decay. Essentially, the sugar within the food begins to produce bacteria. These bacteria secrete acid. The acid, in turn, taxes the enamel on the teeth and eventually leads to decay or infections. When we straighten teeth and eliminate some of these traps, we are reducing the likelihood of someone suffering decay.

Also, those who have crooked teeth are more likely to suffer from gum disease for the same reasons. Gum disease is a terrible condition that can lead to significant discomfort and even tooth loss. Decreasing the likelihood that a patient will suffer from it is extremely important and part of what we do on a daily basis by straightening teeth.

Aligning the jaw is also important for oral health

Those who suffer from an overbite, underbite or crossbite are also likely to experience health problems. In this case, the problems typically are caused by discomfort and pain. If the jaw is out of alignment it can put pressure and stress on certain muscles and on the jaw itself. This can result in headaches, facial pain and even pain caused by TMJ. Also, a misaligned jaw can lead to some teeth wearing out more quickly than others and dental damage resulting because of it.

An orthodontist in Stockton can help

We help to improve our patients’ oral health on a daily basis and can do the same for you. By offering a variety of orthodontic solutions, we have multiple ways to help our patients become as healthy as possible.

In our clinic, we offer the following:

  • Traditional metal braces. These are most beneficial for children since they are highly durable and effective.
  • Clear ceramic braces. This is an ideal solution for older teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth but do so in a discrete manner.
  • Clear aligners. Since aligners are designed to be removable, this is the most convenient way to straighten teeth.
  • Lingual braces. This is an option for someone who wishes to wear braces on the backs of their teeth so that no one can see them.
  • Oral appliances. Sometimes an oral appliance is needed in combination with wearing braces or independently of it.

During a consultation, we will examine the patient and take x-rays so that we can make a recommendation for the right type of orthodontic solutions.

Call an orthodontist in Stockton today

We can help to improve your appearance and oral health. If this is something you have been considering for a while, make it your New Year’s resolution to schedule a consultation with our clinic and to get started.

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