What You Should Know About Ceramic Braces

Ceramic BracesAdults who wish to straighten their teeth in a discreet manner should consider using ceramic braces. We offer this popular solution in our orthodontic office. Since ceramic braces are highly functional and discreet, they are an excellent way to move teeth into the correct position, while also addressing minor problems with the jaw.

For this reason, they are incredibly popular among our adult patients. To find out if this solution works best for you, schedule a consultation to discuss your options. In the meantime, here is what you should know about this popular solution.

#1. They work like traditional metal braces

With traditional metal braces, we place a bracket on each tooth and thread a wire between the brackets. We will do this procedure on the top and bottom teeth. We then hold the wires in place using rubber bands that can be clear or a variety of colors. During the course of the treatment, we will either adjust or replace the wires to keep teeth moving toward the correct and final position.

People typically wear braces for around two years but the exact time frame will depend on how far the teeth need to move and whether the jaw is also out of alignment. Ceramic braces work using the same methods. The only difference is that the brackets consist of tooth-colored ceramic and tooth-colored wires. The rubber bands that hold the wires in place are clear. This makes the braces likely to blend in with the natural tooth structure so they do not stand out, even though the process functions in the same way as metal braces.

#2. Ceramic braces are difficult to see.

Since everything is tooth colored or clear, these braces are difficult to see up close and nearly impossible to see from a distance. As a result, patients do not need to worry so much about their appearance changing during the treatment.

#3. It is important to care for them.

Before patients decide to move forward with this option, it is important to understand that there is a level of care that is required to keep these braces clear and discreet. After eating every meal or snacking on anything that could stain, it is important to brush teeth. This is also the case when drinking coffee, tea or wine.

Essentially, anything that could stain the teeth can also stain these braces. Carrying a toothbrush is important and using it is critical to prevent ceramic braces from becoming yellow and stained. As long as patients can commit to this level of care, the braces will remain discreet and hard to see throughout the entire treatment process.

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Learn more about ceramic braces, if they would be an effective solution for straightening your teeth and what the process would be like by calling our clinic and scheduling an appointment today. During the examination, we will determine the current position of your teeth and jaw, look to see if braces are the best way to correct them and discuss all of your options.

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